9. Running Windows under DOSEMU

Okay, perhaps you've heard the hooplah. DOSEMU can run Windows (sort of.)

9.1. Windows 3.0 Real Mode

DOSEMU has been able to run Windows 3.0 in Real Mode for some time now.

9.2. Windows 3.1 Protected Mode

It is possible to boot WINOS2 (the modified version of Windows 3.1 that OS/2 uses) under DOSEMU. Many kudos to Lutz & Dong! But, as far as we know, you cannot install Windows 3.1 in DOSEMU, but you must do that in real mode DOS. Windows 3.1 also does not run in FreeDOS.

However, YOU NEED BOTH LICENSES, for WINDOWS-3.1 as well OS/2 !!!

Good luck!

9.3. Windows 3.x in xdos

As of version 0.64.3 DOSEMU is able to run Windows in xdosemu. It is safer then starting windows-31 on the console, because when it crashes, it doesn't block your keyboard or freeze your screen.


Notes for the mouse under win31-in-xdos: