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Technical README
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8. Using CDROMS

8.1 The built in driver

This documents the cdrom extension rucker@astro.uni-bonn.de has written for Dosemu.

The driver consists of a server on the Linux side (dosemu/drivers/cdrom.c, accessed via int 0xe6 handle 0x40) and a device driver (dosemu/commands/cdrom.S) on the DOS side.

Please send any suggestions and bug reports to <rucker@astro.uni-bonn.de>

To install it:

  • Create a (symbolic) link /dev/cdrom to the device file of your drive or use the cdrom statement in /etc/dosemu.conf to define it.
  • Make sure that you have read/write access to the device file of your drive, otherwise you won't be able to use the cdrom under Dosemu directly because of security reasons.
  • Load cdrom.sys within your config.sys file with e.g.:
  • Start Microsoft cdrom extension as follows:
        mscdex /d:mscd0001 /l:driveletter

To change the cd while Dosemu is running, use the DOS program 'eject.com'. It is not possible to change the disk, when the drive has been opened by another process (e.g. mounted)!

Remarks by zimmerma@rz.fht-esslingen.de: This driver has been successfully tested with Linux' SCSI CDROMS by the author, with the Mitsumi driver mcd.c and with the Aztech/Orchid/Okano/Wearnes- CDROM driver aztcd.c by me. With the latter CDROM-drives changing the CD-ROM is not recognized correctly by the drive under all circumstances and is therefore disabled. So eject.com will not work. For other CD-ROM drives you may enable this feature by setting the variable 'eject_allowed = 1' in file dosemu/drivers/cdrom.c (you'll find it near the top of the file). With the mcd.c and aztcd.c Linux drivers this may cause your system to hang for some 30 seconds (or even indefinitely), so don't change the default value 'eject_allowed = 0'.

History: Release with dosemu.0.60.0 Karsten Rucker (rucker@astro.uni-bonn.de) April 1995

Additional remarks for mcd.c and aztcd.c Werner Zimmermann (zimmerma@rz.fht-esslingen.de) May 30, 1995

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