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Technical README
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15. Keymaps

This keymap is for using dosemu over telnet, and having *all* your keys work. This keymap is not complete. But hopefully with everyones help it will be someday :)

There are a couple of things that are intentionally broken with this keymap, most noteably F11 and F12. This is because they are not working though slang correctly at the current instant. I have them mapped to "greyplus" and "greyminus". Also the scroll lock is mapped to shift-f3. This is because the scroll lock dosn't work right at all. Please feel free to send keymap patches in that fix anything but these.

If you want to patch dosemu to fix either of those problems, i'd be glad to accept those :)

to figure out how to edit this, read the keystroke-howto.

as of 3/30/95, control/shift/alternate home/insert/delete/end/pageup/pagedown should work.

Major issues will be:

Do we move "alt-<fkey>" to "control-<fkey>" to switch virtual consoles?

who is going to fix the linux keyboard device to be able to handle multiple keymaps at the same time?


to use it:

as root type

        loadkeys dosemu.new.keymap

(then run dosemu via telnet, or something in slang mode)

when your done, find your old keymap, and load it back, cause control-home won't work in emacs anymore (or any other special key in any applicaion that uses xlate)

if you find a key missing, please add it and send me the patch. (test it first! :)

if you find a key missing, and don't feel like coding it, don't tell me! I already know that there are a lot of keys missing.

corey sweeney <corey@interaccess.com >

Sytron Computers

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