5. New Keyboard Code

This file describes the keyboard code which was written in 1999

It was last updated by Eric Biederman <ebiederm@xmission.com> on 22 April 2000

5.1. Whats New

What's new in the new keyboard code?

Virtually all of the interface code gets keystrokes has been rewritten. While the actual emulation of the hardware has been fairly static.

To the user:

To the dosemu hacker:

There is a compile-time option NEW_KBD_CODE (on by default) to activate the new keyboard code. Once the new code is reasonably well tested I'll remove it.

Just like the old keyboard code, we still have the rawkeyboard=on/off modes. The keybint=on/off modes have gone away.

5.2. Status

Almost everything seems to work well now.

The keyboard server should now quite accurately emulate all key combinations described the `MAKE CODES' & `SCAN CODES' tables of HelpPC 2.1, which I used as a reference.

See below for a list of known bugs.

What I need now is YOUR beta-testing... please go ahead and try if all your application's wierd key combinations work, and let me know if they don't.

5.3. Known bugs & incompatibilites

5.4. TODO