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Technical README  - 0.99
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24. Net code

  • Added support for multiple type handling. So it does type demultiplexing within dosemu. So we are able to run telbin and pdipx/netx simultaneously ;-)
  • Changed the code for F_DRIVER_INFO. If the handle is '0', it need not be valid handle (when input to this function). At least CUTCP simply set this value to zero when it requests for info for the first time. The current code wrongly treated it as valid handle, and returned the class of first registered type.
  • Some things still to be done ...
    • Novell Hack is currently disabled.
    • Compare class along with type when a new packet arrives.
    • Lots of clean ups required. (I have put in lots of pd_printf's.) Need to be removed even if debug is not used because function call within packet handler is very costly ...
    • change all 'dsn0' / 'dosnet' to vnet (i.e. virtual net.) or so.
    • Use of SIGIO ...
    • Special protocol stack to do demultiplexing of types??
    • Use of devices instead of the current mechanism of implementing v-net?

NOTE: THERE ARE STILL BUGS. The dosemu session just hangs. -- Usually when in CUTCP. (And specially when I open two sessions.) What is strange is, it seems to work fine for some time even when two sessions are opened. I strongly feel it is due to new PIC code because it is used heavily by the network code ... (especially in interactive telnet sessions.)

Vinod <vinod@cse.iitb.ernet.in>

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