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Technical README
DANG  - 0.99
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14. The FileAccess group of Modules

This hold all kind of accessing files on a Unix filesysten from DOS.

14.1 dosext/mfs/mfs.c Information

This is the file redirector code for DOSEMU. It was built on the Mach DOS redirector and as such continues that copyright as well in addition the GNU copyright. This redirector uses the DOS int2f fnx 11 calls to give running DOS programs access to any Unix mounted drives that permissions exist for.

14.2 Remarks in dosext/mfs/mfs.c

The msdos_dir_ent structure has much more than 28 bytes. Is this significant?


Added compares to NUL so that newer versions of Foxpro which test directories using xx\yy\nul perform closer to whats DOS does.

14.3 Items for Fixing in dosext/mfs/mfs.c

We probably should use llseek here for file > 2 GBytes


returned size of struct dir_ent seems wrong at 28 bytes. */

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