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Technical README
DANG  - 0.97.10
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1. Introduction

This document is the preliminary draft of a manual to help people understand the inner workings of dosemu. It is the goal of this document to create new dosemu hackers. This concept was inspired by the linux kernel hackers guide.

This Guide was concieved and originally written by "Corey Sweeney" <corey@interaccess.com>. It has been completely revised. It is now generated automatically directly from the source code. Special thanks to "James B. MacLean" <macleajb@ednet.ns.ca> for supplying the original information. (It was mostly ripped out of a mail message.) "Jochen Hein" has made many useful comments & suggestions.

At the end if this document is a section detailing how this guide is put together. This may help you when trying to locate the relevant pieces of code. If you add new code, it would be useful if the relevant markers are added where appropriate.

This file is a collective effort. If you don't like one of the explanations, or want to add anything, please send me something!

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